French or foreign, we offer customized services to all of our clients, thus ensuring that the interests of several generations within the same family are simultaneously and lastingly protected.

The firm was founded by Armand Tcheklian.

Notarial management of private and professional assets

Multi-lingual (English, French, Russian, Armenian), with degrees in law (Paris II Panthéon-Assas), property/tax (AUREP Clermont-Ferrand) and languages (State University of Yerevan), assisted by a highly-qualified team, Armand Tcheklian advises and assists students, young couples, company managers, the self-employed, civil servants, athletes, artists, retirees, protected persons, legal entities and associations in all types of notarial operations.


Creating an SCI facilitates the transfer of property in several ways:
- an SCI shareholder can easily leave the SCI by transferring shares,
- SCIs are flexible instruments for the purpose of transferring property.

“Usufruct is the right to enjoy things owned by another in the same manner as the owner himself, but on condition that their substance by preserved.”
Article 578 of Civil Code